*About I SEEK YOU club


Seven years ago I SEEK YOU club have been created. It is still working and helping people from all over the world to find penpals. The club has about 1500 members all over the globe and they are still coming. The aim of the club is to let people get together, know each other better, open new interesting world of people, find friends. We believe that friendship is the WorldТs saver.

The club itself is situated in Russia. The city is called Severodvinsk. ItТs in the North of Russia, on the coast of the White Sea. The members from this city have a meeting once a week, exchange ideas and news, give advice and help each other. а

*How the club works*

The only one thing that thaws people out our club is that itТs fee-paying, but the payment is unusual! But donТt judge the club without reading everything. People who join us are never complaining. Here are some points that are necessary to read.

*The process

The process of the clubТs activity is really simple. The person who wants to join the club has to fill the form. All the comments about filling it you can read on the same page. After sending the form (some members prefer to do it by snail mail together with sending so-called УpaymentФ, some by e-mail and only then send the payment if they want to) the member receive an amount of snail mail addresses and have to write to them all. Automatically this member is placed into the base - our big box of addresses from where we get addresses out and give to new members and old members who want to increase the amount of penpals.а Right here near the memberТs address I put the * sign if I give this address to other new or old member. Then IТll be able to count the amount of times this address has been given. So, the member of our club has the opportunity to write to as many our members as he or she wants and the opportunity of receiving many surprise letters. This great system really works and our members receive really a lot of new friends!

*The payment

You donТt have to send the payment. You may only want to do it and thank the club for our activity. You may send your Уthanks paymentФ once, or may do as many times as you want. But the payment is unusual. Plus it's not expensive at all! It's even not money! Here are some points. You can choose anything and send to our postal address.

а*а One set of colorful (with pictures or something) envelopes and sheets (5 envelopes and 10 sheets of A5 format or 5 envelopes and 5 sheets of A4 format)

а*а 10 colorful envelopes

а*а 20 colorful sheets of A4 format

а*а 30 sheets of A5 format

а*а A notebook with colorful sheets of A4 format or A5 format (Diddl would be great!)

а*а 8 sheets of stickers (if nothing is suitable only)

Please, pay attention that everything must be really colorful, with pictures.

If the post is expansive in your country you can pay by the next things:

а*а а6 International Reply Coupons

You can buy These coupons at the post office.

But if even this point isnТt suitable for you, please, contact us clicking here. WeТll discuss this problem. Just donТt leave the club only because of the payment. Friendship is much more important.

When your address is given to anybody, I put a * near it. If you want to delete your *'s (then I'll start to give your address to more people cause other people will have more *Тs and you won't, and this will mean that you are ready to answer to other people) you can send a payment again.

Remember, you donТt do really a payment, you just thank us if you want to.

This is the address you have to send your payment to.


If you have no opportunity to thank us by sending something, just send the advertisement below to 100 friends or just people in Internet. You may find their e-mails on pen pals sites. Using this way you will also thank our club by giving new members.



Are you looking for real snail mail penpals? Those who are really interested in corresponding, who don't publish their adds in Internet only for fun to see how many people will answer!

Our club is called I SEEK YOU. And if your hobby is really corresponding, this club was made just for you! Snail mail corresponding is much interesting than e-mail one. So, that's why we created such a club. Go to www.foww.narod.ru and read everything about this club! Catch your chance!




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